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About Daniel Sirski

My foray into real estate began in my 20s as a graduate student at the University of Manitoba. I decided I wanted to get involved in real estate and, knowing virtually nothing about renovations, interest rates or tenancy laws, I purchased my first duplex. That worked so well I bought another, then another, and so forth. 

Being a thifty student and having my own money on the line, I quickly became very proficient at renovations, construction, budgeting and investing. A couple hundred bucks here and there was not something I could take lightly. I did all my own renovations and managed all my properties. It was alot of work, but what I learned from it was invaluable.

Fast forward a few years. Now, as a licensed Realtor, I can offer these insights to my clients. I no longer do my own renovations, but I have great contacts for every kind of trade. This experience, coupled with my awesome customer service skills, knowledge and dedication, all make me exceptionally well versed to serve you and your real estate needs.


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